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Sunset Muse

(Originally titled: Sunset Tryst)

Written By:

Matthew P. Warren

You claw deeper into my soul,

Looking for so much more,

I long to let you see,

What no one has seen before.

The temptations that dangle,

Can be seen in our eyes,

The stories our minds have written,

Will soon come to life.

Emotions soaring,

Like leaves in the wind,

Our fantasies melt together,

My weaknesses you have pinned.

Alone, here we are,

My heart sounds like a drum,

As you explore the unexplored,

My lips become numb.

The world fades out,

As your lips dandle my chest,

Soon meeting mine,

Our desires at their crest.

Your deep brown eyes shining,

Your heart as loud as mine,

Our breathing, uncontrollable,

As our bodies entwine.

We toss and turn,

Almost as if we became one,

Your skin glistening red and orange,

In the setting sun.

The world goes silent,

As if it’s watching us from afar,

In the end, you smile beautifully,

Then leave your scar.

We are only meant to live,

Any longer, I cannot stay,

You leave me one last gentle kiss,

And slowly walk away.

Emotions soaring

Like leaves in the wind

Goodbye forever

My new found friend.