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Sunset Muse

(Originally titled: Sunset Tryst)

Written By:

Matthew P. Warren

You claw deeper into my soul,

Looking for so much more,

I long to let you see,

What no one has seen before.

The temptations that dangle,

Can be seen in our eyes,

The stories our minds have written,

Will soon come to life.

Emotions soaring,

Like leaves in the wind,

Our fantasies melt together,

My weaknesses you have pinned.

Alone, here we are,

My heart sounds like a drum,

As you explore the unexplored,

My lips become numb.

The world fades out,

As your lips dandle my chest,

Soon meeting mine,

Our desires at their crest.

Your deep brown eyes shining,

Your heart as loud as mine,

Our breathing, uncontrollable,

As our bodies entwine.

We toss and turn,

Almost as if we became one,

Your skin glistening red and orange,

In the setting sun.

The world goes silent,

As if it’s watching us from afar,

In the end, you smile beautifully,

Then leave your scar.

We are only meant to live,

Any longer, I cannot stay,

You leave me one last gentle kiss,

And slowly walk away.

Emotions soaring

Like leaves in the wind

Goodbye forever

My new found friend.


Lucid Love

Written By:

Matthew P. Warren

Gentle winds caress,

Golden strands of wheat,

Pushed side to side,

Creating an unknown melody.


Uncertain clouds roll in,

Darkening clear skies,

Forbidden thunder roars,

Preceded by the flash of your eyes.


Your hair flows,

With the rhythm of the wheat,

Your lips split,

With a sound so sweet.


The energy around us,

Makes my mind soar,

This minute,

This moment,

I’ve never wanted more.


I close my eyes,

Closing the space between,

But when I open them,

I realize it was only a dream.

Infinite War

Written By:

Matthew P. Warren

This war is infinite,

Though many battles won before,

When a battle has ended,

There comes 2 more.


My heart aches,

My mind breaks,

My pieces I collect,

I put my self back together,

It seems when the sun is shining,

Is when I strive,

To survive the weather.


The demons multiply,

Although I am only one,

I have tried so many times,

Just to run.


But the further away I try to get,

The stronger the feelings,

Of remorseful regret,

I stand again,

With my head held high,

Willing to fight,

Willing to die.


The battle is over,

But this is only one,

I know the war is infinite,

This war can never be won.

The Boy and The World

Written By:

Matthew Paul Warren


A smile on his face,

The whole world is his,

His imagination soars,

There’s so much he can give.


He lights up rooms,

When he speaks in his way,

His mind is so inspiring,

That is what they say…


The world changes,

And time never stands still,

The world can give us life,

Or the world can kill.


A smirk on his face,

As the changes start,

He found his first love,

But is left with a broken heart.


The world changes,

And time never stands still,

It can breathe life,

Or it can kill.


A frown on his face,

As he fights back the tears,

His mother was who helped him,

Through all his years.


“The cancer is too far,

We cannot change a thing,

She doesn’t have long,

So help her live her last dream.”


The world changes,

And time never stands still,

These two things can breathe life,

Or they can kill.


A blank look on his face,

As he stares in the mirror,

Time has taken its toll,

That couldn’t be clearer.


His children are all grown,

This widower now alone,

Cannot make it by himself,

So he’s moved to a new home.


The world has changed,

Time sped up every year,

Now as he takes his last breath,

His life flashes and leaves in a tear.


The world is always changing,

Time can never stay still,

The world will give life,

And the world will kill.

Be My Savior

Written By:

Matthew Paul Warren


Another hope,

Another smile,

Another dream,

Will it be worthwhile?


Another heartache,

Another tear,

Another part of my heart,

Turning colder.


Another face,

Another stare

Another place,

Another care.


Be my savior,

Keep me from the cold,

I would give you all I have,

But half of my heart been dulled.


Be my savior,

Take me away from misery,

Give me a reason to feel,

I hope you understand my plea.


Another minute,

Another hour,

Another doubt,

The taste is sour.


Another glimpse,

Another dance,

Another heartbeat,

Another chance.


Be my savior,

Keep me from the cold,

I can give you half of what I have,

But the other half has been dulled.


Be my savior,

Take me away from misery,

Give me a reason to love again,

I hope that you can hear my plea.


Be my savior,

Save me from this lonely hell,

Be my savior,

Release me from this cell.

The Canyon

Written by:

Matthew Paul Warren

Bitter empty winds,

Roaring from a cold dark canyon,

Dark lifeless canyon.

No light has trespassed in decades,

A breath has never been given,

Never a whisper,

Nor a heartbeat,

Will this be a canyons destiny?

Hungering for nothing more,

But for a touch,

A glance,

only to be aware,

That it will remain,

A dark lifeless canyon.